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How it all began

30 years ago Barry Miller, owner of Queensway Auto World, owned an Argo. When Barry’s son Lyman grew up and took over the family run business he remembered the fun they had on that Argo from years ago.

Lyman decided that he wanted to own his own Argo; he set out to acquire one for himself.

Lyman realized that there was no one in the Prince George area that sold them. Lyman saw an opportunity to expand the business, and contacted Argo to see about installing an Argo dealer within Queensway Auto World, and Argo World was born. Shane Bayes partnered with Queensway Auto World and became the “go to” man for everything involving Argo’s. Shane takes care of the day to day management of all aspects of Argo World including serving the customers, ordering parts, maintaining and repairing Argo’s and much more. Adding Argo sales and service to the existing business was a natural fit to the contours of the company. Based out of Prince George, Argo World is well situated to provide service to a large area of Argo clientele.

Argo went from not being available in central B.C. to being very successful, due to the devotion of our service. We continue to see Argo grow and have now expanded in the commercial side of the industry, which is great for the province. There is a great demand for Argo’s in commercial businesses in B.C. and Argo World continues to flourish into this area.

Whether you are interested in an Argo for personal or commercial use, Argo World has everything you are looking for to make your experience a positive one.

What Makes an Argo Special?

The amphibious ARGO UTV has proven itself as a reliable off-road vehicle in some of the world's most remote regions. The all season ARGO 8X8 seats up to six passengers and performs when other vehicles can't get the job done. It is the vehicle of choice for big game and waterfowl hunting, outfitters, property owners and adventure tour operators. The ARGO is also environmentally friendly due to its low ground pressure and features options such as tracks, receiver winch, brushguards, convertible soft top, and snow plough.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about our Argos

Here you will find the answers tocommonly asked Argo questions. We will be adding new ones often, so please check back.

If you have a question that was not listed below, contact us, and we would be happy to answer it for you.

Q - Will an Argo Float?

A – Yes, an Argo will float. Argo’s are amphibious, that means they are capable of making it through all kinds of wetland environments including slow moving streams, rivers and small lakes. The Argo’s specially designed tires help propel it through water.

Q – Are Argo’s high maintenance?

A – No, Argo’s are not high maintenance. However, some maintenance is very important to the life of an Argo. We are happy to educate our customers on how to properly maintain their Argo so they can have many years of low cost operation.

Q - How does the price of an Argo compare to other All Terrain Vehicles?

A – Compared to other All Terrain Vehicles like Quads and Side by Sides, Argos are extremely comparable. Plus, an Argo can go places that a Quad, Rhino, or Side By Side can’t.

Q - What seasons can Argo be used?

A – Argo’s are good to use 12 months of the year. With Argo, you are not limited by the season; it is good for Snow, mud, swamp and water. 1 machine 4 seasons.

Finance Your Argo

Personal and Commercial Financing Programs Available

Argo World works with numerous financial Institutions.

Call to discuss your options, 250-564-2850 or long distance Toll Free

Argo World can provide qualified buyers with finance rates competitive with any mainstream bank.

You can count on them to provide the best terms available on your new Argo or used Argo. We will work to find a deal that suits your budget through our many banking and credit union options. Argo World has access to personal finance and personal lease options, commercial finance and commercial lease options. Argo World has all the bases covered for you or your company

Meet the Team

Our staff is ready to make your visit an enjoyable and successful trip! From our sales staff to our service department, you’ll be listened to and well taken care of!

Braedon Olson

Motorsports Manager

Sales, Parts and Service